Wednesday, 5 July 2017

TV and films | What I've been watching

Since I've finished all my GCSE exams, I've had some time to catch up on TV shows and films. I haven't completely caught up on some of the films released in cinema and haven't bought Cassandra Clare's book Lord of Shadows, but I've been able to watch and plan to have a friend over to watch Stranger Things. I haven't watched it yet. Oops.

Yesterday I finally went to see Wonder Woman. I don't usually watch DC films and am more of a Marvel watcher myself but it didn't disappoint. There were explosions. There were emotions. There were deaths. It is a great action movie and I may probably watch it again some time. I am looking forward to Spider-Man Homecoming and I hope it is as good as Wonder Woman. I'm sure it will be wonderful!

I also got up to date with Pretty Little Liars and seven years of the show have come to a close. The show has ended (dun dun dun!!!!) and A.D has been revealed. It's game over and the finale was very thought-provoking and interesting.

My friends had recommended Riverdale for me to watch since before my exams and I've now watched season one. There wasn't too many episodes which all were made very well and captured in beautiful scenes with beautiful actors. One mystery is solved but now there is another. It's so exciting because season two I think is coming out on Netflix in October and the cast is filming currently.

I have rewatched Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone for about the hundredth time for the twentieth anniversary and it took me back right to the start of Harry Potter. It was on TV and I watched it on the #HarryPotterWeekend after Monday 26th June when it was published twenty years ago.

Another series I caught up on is Thirteen Reasons Why on Netflix and it was very well made. There is only thirteen episodes so far and each one is interesting and entertaining but also makes you think. The storyline is a very delicate one though and is serious but can and does happen in real life.

Let me know in the comments if you like these kind of update posts and 'what I've been loving recently' posts and would like to read more in the future! I would love to hear from you if you watch or have watched any of these too.

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  1. We've been meaning to watch 13 Reasons Why. There has been so much talk around the series

    A Pair of Ones  Bloglovin

    1. It is definitely worth watching! Such a beautiful but sad storyline. I will probably watch the next season which is coming out next year. My friends recommended it to me and I'm so glad I decided to watch it. Hope you have time if you're in the mood for it to watch and enjoy it. 🤞🏽

  2. Wonder Woman was such a great movie! I've actually gone and seen it twice in theaters now!

    1. Oh haha! I enjoyed it when I saw it in cinemas 👌🏽


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