Getting A Great Night's Sleep

It's important to have enough sleep, but sometimes I just can't get comfortable or have something floating around in my mind. I don't know about you, but I love to wake up and feel ready for the day ahead. Unfortunately, there are days where I wake up groggy and push the snooze button on my alarm and these are some tips I use to try and avoid doing this too often. If you are a teenager, like myself, then you should aim to have 8-10 hours of sleep each night. An adult should have around 7-9 hours sleep and children aged 6-13 should have around 9-11 hours of sleep each night. The younger the child the more sleep they should aim for. You can search online for the amount of sleep you need if your age is not mentioned above. I got the data from ~http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/adult-health/expert-answers/how-many-hours-of-sleep-are-enough/faq-20057898~.

I make sure I relax before bed by having a routine that I regularly follow.

♥ Write down/ plan anything you want/need to do the following day. This way you might feel more relaxed and organised. I usually decide what to take for my lunch the night before and pack my back too. If I need to revise for a test or exam I plan how and when I will do that. I put my alarm on for the next morning and sometimes even two if I feel like I won't wake up. It's best not to leave this too late as sometimes you might feel quite tired by bedtime. 

♥ Have a hot drink or a glass of water before going up to bed. I find that it helps me to relax as I feel like I've taken care of myself. ☕️

♥ I love to read and I love cosying up into my duvet and escaping into a brilliant story. It really helps to keep me calm and get rid of any thoughts clouding your mind. I would recommend this if you feel like you would love to do this and it's perfect if you cannot find the time to read during a busy day. However, I would say to give yourself a limit of time if you are the type of person who would read and read all night and forget what time it is. Set a timer on your phone if you need to and are able to! This is also great to do as it keeps you away from your phone and after I finish reading I make sure I don't use my phone.

♥ I find that not using my phone actually does improve my sleep sometimes and I feel like it helps you realise how tired you are. If you are using your phone, I would recommend checking out a new feature that Apple has enabled. It's called "night shift" and makes the colours on the screen appear warmer. This means that those harsh, bright colours you struggle with while using your phone in dim light will be softer colours. I haven't yet tested this out properly, if you do please let me know in the comments! I'd love to see if this made a difference at bedtime.

♥ I have these fairy lights that I love to put on at night too! The colours change and I've a beautiful glow to my bedroom. I think if you have a dim/no light at all it can help you fall asleep!

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The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones

I thought this book (the first in The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare) wass a beautiful story and wonderfully written. I feel like I really enjoyed getting to know the characters and feel so attached to them!! 😍😍

Clary thinks she's just like everyone else. But her mother has been hiding something from her all her life. All the legends of demons, warlocks, vampires and werewolves are true. I won't spoil the story but there are also Shadowhunters. Shadowhunters kill demons and are supposed to protect humans. They call human beings "mundanes."

After the first couple of chapters, I really got into the story and I'll admit: I fell for Jace. *sighing deeply* 
This book has so many moments that made my mouth gape. This is an excitable, thrilling read and I can't wait to read the next book in the series!!!! 

The book has also been turned into a film but the storyline is not exactly the same. Personally, I think the book was better but it was nice to actually see the characters and the story come to life too.

Click here to view the book on Amazon.
You can watch the film trailer here:

Excuse me while I go and read the rest of the series and look out because you may see pictures of the books in some of my blog posts πŸ˜‰ 

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A Few of My Favourite Things 🎢 | March

I've been on my Easter break so have been trying to do a few more things as well as revise and finish my homework. I still have a bit of homework to get through...*sigh* πŸ˜‚
These are a few things I've been loving recently:

♥ My comfy boots
They are really comfortable and I love wearing them everywhere! I quite like the look and design of them too. 

♥ Snapchat filters
I've only recently got Snapchat but I am loving the wonderful filters available! Every time I go onto the app there is a new filter for me to try.

♥ Pretty Little Liars
The TV show has returned and I have been watching all episodes. There was a season finale which means there will another break before we can find out any more about the villain/s in the show.

♥ Books

This month I have been reading:

• Love, Tanya by Tanya Burr
I love this book and it will definitely be a little keepsake of mine which I will turn to if I need a little advice in life.

• Jane Eyre by Charlotte BrontΓ«
I finished reading this and watched the 2011 BBC production of the story. It is a really touching, beautiful and interesting book. I am ready to study it in more detail now and really enjoyed Charlotte BrontΓ«'s style of writing. 

• The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
I haven't finished the book yet and actually have only read a few pages so far. Oops! Can't really say too much except that something dangerous might be going on and Shadowhunters have something to do with it. It is really intriguing and I like it so far...

♥ Films

• Zootropolis/Zootopia (2016)
This was a really great animated movie including animals and I liked the personalities of all the creatures. The film is interesting and is about solving a crime. It's really fun to watch and I laughed quite a bit. The two main characters are Judy (a rabbit) and Nick Wilde (a fox.) 🐰🐺

• Deadpool (2016)
This was action-packed and fill of humour. I adore Wade's personality and really loved the bit at the beginning before the film even started! There was a freeze-frame which I really liked! The film was really good and I can't wait for the sequel! πŸ™Š

• Kung-fu Panda 3 (2016)
I went out with a couple of friends to see this and really enjoyed the film! It's now my most favourite Kung-fu Panda movie. IT WAS SO CUTE and I love the little pandas. I really liked the fights between Po and Kai (the villain) too! 🐼

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