My Most Favourite Blogs

I am talking about the websites which I enjoy visiting, reading and commenting on regularly. I have been OBSESSED with these and they are my favourites of all-time!! Some you may already know, and others you might not. Hope you enjoy these blogs as much I do! I admire all of the bloggers mentioned. Most of them have been blogging for a few years and have quite a bit of experience!
Hmm...maybe in a couple of years, I'll be as wise as they are ;)
Let me know any blogs that you are totally bonkers about! 

A lifestyle, fashion and beauty blog. There is a range of blog posts from baking to beauty.The design of Zoë's site is just ADORABLE and even the mobile site looks stunning with the twinkling fairy lights and Christmassy touches for this time of year.❤️
Her blog posts are just amazing and the photos are the best quality you can get! I especially love the photos in her blog post: Sparkler Season but ALL of them are beautiful. 
Not only is Zoë a YouTube Sensation but she's also a best-selling author and has her own products sold in Superdrug!

A 15-Year Old Fashion Blogger who is taking down the Fashion Industry with her individuality and imagination. She's already got her own collection by collaborating with Mooi En Lief which looks awesome and really trendy. I love her designs and ideas! ❤️

If you're a blogger, too, then this website was made for you! The talented Dana Fox has created this website and styled the amazing design. She has created 'Tech Tuesday' which is great to help you with designing your blog. There is also freebies available such as iPhone wallpapers. Dana has also written books to assist fellow bloggers with the difficult situations that blogging can bring. 

Another lifestyle blog. Louise is such a beautiful gem and loving human being. Her fun sense of humour and caring attitude shows in her blog posts. Louise is a YouTuber too and you may have heard of her before. She is best chummies with Zoë of Zoella in case you didn't know! ;) 
Louise is an also an author and has her own collection at SimplyBe!

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Yummy In My Tummy

I don't know about you, but I LOVE chocolate. Especially at this time of year! People purchase these little goodies as a quick and easy but delicious present. Recently, I have been receiving LOTS of chocolate and treats as I was in hospital for a few days and am recovering now. I'm starting to build up a collection of chocolate boxes! My favourite chocolate is the Lindt bear with a heart around its neck. Have you ever had it before?
You can treat yourself from time to time and maybe soon you will be enjoying one of these chocolates!

 What's your favourite chocolate? 

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