Why Autumn is Awesome

The leaves are falling and it's the perfect time to complete a quick sketch or painting of a landscape. Bury yourself in a fluffy blanket and watch your favourite film (I totally and strongly recommend any of the Marvel movies!) There's so much to enjoy, just take a moment to think about something you really loved last October or what you can look forward to this season.

What's your favourite time of year?

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  1. I totally love autum too. It gives you a great excuse to stay in bed the whole day and eat fried chips without worrying about the snow. But my favourite season is summer.

    1. Mmm...fried chips are delicious! Thanks for the comment ❤️
      I love eating ice-cream in summer. The beach is beautiful and there's the summer holidays to look forward to! I hope you enjoy your Autumn and Halloween. I'll definitely be sipping away a mug of hot chocolate this month!

  2. Autumn is totally me favourite season! I love the fashion, the food, the weather...
    Isn't it just so pretty when the auburn leaves start to fall off the trees!
    -Morgan x


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