Cupcakes With Glacé Icing

If you're not familiar with glacé icing, it is when you add water to icing sugar and is very different to buttercream icing. I usually make buttercream icing when I bake, but I decided to use the quicker option to be able to savour these little goodies for teatime. I made vanilla cupcakes and in the cake mixture I added sprinkles which melted and made the sponge colourful inside! I'm not an expert on baking  yet (haha!) but like to bake little things from time to time. I've made red-velvet cake and macaroons with the help of another adult but I made this on my own. I've also baked triple-chocolate cookies before.
These cupcakes do look a tiny bit plain but they were sooooo delicious even without sprinkles scattered on top!


Have you ever baked cupcakes before? How did they turn out?

 photo buttons_zps9ozdluil.png

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