Banana Cake

*Just had a cup of tea and slice of cake* 🍰☕️
Sometimes baking something at home, whether it's a simple or a complicated & delicate recipe, makes the food so much more special. I am planning to bake more often and try baking a variety of desserts and cakes-I've always wanted to bake some brownies (who doesn't like chocolate brownies?!) and cookies. I have baked triple chocolate cookies before and I loved them. Would you like me to post about the cookies if and when I bake them again? 🤔🍪

This time, because we had the ingredients, my mum wanted me to bake a banana cake. The recipe was very easy to follow and my mum and I were quite pleased with the turn-out. There's only a little chunk left now...
*This is when I had just taken the cake out of the oven 😋*

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Cute Little Prezzies

These are some little treats I received a while ago. 
I can't wait to start using them now!

Mmm...macaron shower gel and body lotion. Yes please! I love eating macarons but I've never used macaron-scented bath products. I am looking forward to using some of these today. The question is: which one?! Click here to buy Baylis & Harding Beauticology products online.

Isn't this so cute?! I love the design of this little package and the handwriting makes it look even better. I think I might nose around and see what else Fifi Lapin sell! Click here to go to the official shop and here to go to the blog.

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